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Wifi Connectivity Solutions

At Central Coast Internet Repairs we offer complete Wifi Connectivity solutions to the most challenging scenarios.
We are experts at finding the best available option to deliver that NBN connection where it’s needed. Often, a SMART WiFi solution is a great alternative to the expense of data cabling.

Benefits of a Smart WiFi Solution include:

Faster and more efficient data-flow.
A sure winner for gamers and those requiring 4K streaming content.

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Connectivity Solutions

WiFi Access Points installed and set up by Internet Repairs

WiFi Access Points

WiFi Access Points are a great way to spread the Data throughout the home or workplace.

Access Points, usually in dome form, are mounted in ceilings and connected using a data cable to the Internet source, usually a Modem or Network switch.

WiFi Access Points installed by Internet Repairs are powered by PoE technology, which means NO additional GPO sockets are required near the WiFi device.

Outdoor units will fill your Pool and BBQ area with Strong and Fast WiFi service.

WiFi Access Points can be a more cost effective solution for the home as opposed to setting up individual data cables to each room or work station.

WiFi Bridge Solutions

WiFi Bridge Solutions

We often provide great WiFi solutions for Granny Flats, and other additional buildings on our clients’ premises with the deployment of WiFi Bridge set ups.

As opposed to general WiFi access points, which radiate a 360-degree spread of data. WiFi bridge units are configured to target a much smaller area with a higher concentration of data. Two-Directional devices are mounted on the two separate buildings to facilitate simultaneous sending and receiving of data with minimal data loss.

The two WiFi transmitters are set up to directly face each other over the required distance and like the beams of light from a torch we calibrate them to literally shine at each other with a tight beam of data.

In general, WiFi Bridge solutions are a more affordable solution over 50 metres, compared to trenched outdoor rated data cable.