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Wifi Connectivity Solutions with Router and Access Points

At Internet Repairs we offer complete Wifi Connectivity solutions to the most challenging scenarios.
We are experts at finding the best available option to deliver that NBN connection where it’s needed. Often, a SMART WiFi solution is a great alternative to the expense of data cabling.

Benefits of a Smart WiFi Solution include:

Faster and more efficient data-flow.
A sure winner for gamers and those requiring 4K streaming content.

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Connectivity Solutions

Internet Repairs can help you get connected

Our expert technicians can assist you with installation and setup of typical WiFi Routers and Mesh Type systems.

We can also supply and install WiFi Access Point Domes, which use POE technology to eliminate the need for extra separate power points at each WiFi Unit.

WiFi Connectivity solutions by Internet Repairs with POE and Smart WiFi 6

WiFi Access Points can be powered by POE injectors via the data cable connected to the WiFi device, or alternatively, by a POE capable switch unit to create 4 or more WiFi access points with no need for separate POE devices per WiFi unit.

WiFi Routers and Access Point devices are now widely available in the new and much more versatile WiFi 6 and have been developed to keep up with the intense uptake of IOT-like devices, which are becoming more and more popular in networked homes.
WiFi 6 offers more bands of operation to allow more dedicated and isolated channels, resulting in superfast WiFi connectivity for all devices.