Book us in for a modem installation package that delivers.

We don’t just plug in your modem and WiFi it to a mobile phone! At Central Coast Internet Repairs, we follow a diligent process for every modem installation to maximise good use of the available data flow accessible at the NPB. When you want something done properly, make sure to book one of our friendly technicians, to ensure you get connected – and stay connected!

Modem and Router Installation Services Provided

Servicing the Central Coast and Newcastle regions

  • Firstly, we perform a speed test at your working data socket (the socket you have been advised to use). We use the same state-of-the-art testing equipment, used and endorsed by Telstra and NBN Co. The test results allow us to detect potential issues, which may require investigation. In addition, we provide you with a copy of the test report, which clearly shows if you are getting what you pay for on your monthly plan.
  • Secondly, we replace your existing socket* with a new Telstra / NBN approved unit.
  • Thirdly, following socket replacement, we perform a real-time look into the Network. This test diagnoses any faults or quality issues on the line. Once again, all test results are saved for your convenience. Keep in mind that qualified test results can be crucial when your RSP is not being too helpful!
  • Once your modem is synced to the RSP feed, we make sure connection is stable.
  • If required, we can provide additional assistance or instructions for Wifi and Bluetooth setup.
  • New technology can sometimes be a little confusing to keep up with, and we are very mindful of our clients that need a little extra coaching in the use of these products.
  • If you require Modem and or Phone Installation for an elderly family member, who will require a little extra help, we will be pleased to assist.

* Note: A high number of NBN service calls we attend, are to fix problems caused by old, damp and corroded sockets. Moreover, old phone lines and extensions to other sockets in the premises are known to cause significant data speed problems. Because of this, old sockets should be removed and replaced wherever possible. If requested, we will also cut away extra lines when replacing a socket.

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