Let us untangle your data cabling issues!

Book a quote from one of our friendly technicians, who will conduct an on-site assessment and provide you with answers and options.
Central Coast Internet Repairs’ quotation service helps you make an informed choice, based on current setup (including state of existing cables), connectivity requirements and budget. We are always happy to answer any questions and help solve your internet woes!

Here are some examples of what Central Coast Internet Repairs can do for you:

  • We can repair and/or replace any existing data cabling and phone lines
  • We can relocate your NBN NTD unit to a more suitable location
  • We can repair and replace optical fibre cables
  • In addition, we can install internal phone lines and data cabling
  • We install phone line extensions along with any extra sockets required for your phone system
  • Moreover, we do complete data cabling installations, connecting homes and businesses to the internet
  • Additionally, we provide comprehensive modem installations, including deployment of routers, WiFi connections, switches and any setup requirements
  • Internal data cabling with patch panel and router /  Switch installation for Smart wired homes and businesses
  • Complete tagging and connection to MDF