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We Relocate nbn™ Boxes

Contact Central Coast Internet Repairs today for expert help in relocating your NTD unit to a suitable location. If requested, we can also upgrade your battery backup power supply with a Micro Power Supply, fitted directly into the NTD unit – omitting the need for a separate power supply unit and the problems associated with having to replace batteries.

Relocation from $550 – Please call us to discuss the best options for YOU before purchasing this service:

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Relocation of NBN NTD units and upgrading of battery back-up power supplies

Firstly, Why move the box?Internet Repairs perform quality assured relocation of NBN boxes to ensure optimal performance

Well, unfortunately, what is commonly referred to as the “NBN box”  – the large and cumbersome NTD Unit – is frequently installed in an unsuitable room or cupboard of the customer’s home, and as such, we are often requested to relocate the NTD unit to a more favourable/accessible spot.

Not everybody wants to sleep with one of these in their bedroom…

Internet Repairs will relocate the NTD unit to a suitable location. Following the safe relocation procedure, we then re-deploy the NBN FTTP service and test to ensure all is working properly.

Power Supply Unit vs Micro Power Supply

NTD Power supply unit a cumbersome package requiring battery replacement service
Power Supply Unit

Sometimes the NTD box is coupled with a large Power Supply Unit, which poses its own problems when the battery must be replaced by the end user.

NTD relocation with Micro Power SupplyMicro Power Supply

We can replace this unit with a small Micro Power Supply, which is inserted into the NTD unit. For you, this means one less box hanging off your wall and you’ll never need to replace a battery.