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Are you a Builder?

Providing Builders with a full INTERNET FIT-OUT:

  • Our curb to socket fit-out, is designed to take care of required internet connectivity steps on ‘new builds’
  • We trench and lay conduit, pull 2-pair lead-in-cable, mount Luca Box and run Cat 6 cable through to the designated 1st socket
  • Finally, we run diagnostic cable tests from the boundary to 1st socket

If requested, CCIR can install additional data points and/or set up patch panel systems for SMART home wiring.

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Internet Repairs – Builders’ Service

  • Trench and lay 20mm conduit from the property boundary to designated building entry point (B.E.P.)
  • Pull 2-pair lead-in cable through conduit
  • Mount LUCA Box to wall of the house
  • Install CAT 6 cable from Luca Box, which is then run through and connected to the designated 1st  socket
  • Run diagnostic cable tests from boundary point to the 1st socket.

Cost of this service depends on, amongst other variables, the distance required to trench and lay conduit. Please make sure to contact us for a quote, where we can work out the most suitable options for your site. You may also want to check out our Lead-in Cable service.