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Protect your equipment with Customer Lightning Protection (CLP). Internet Repairs will fully install a CLP device as used by Telstra, which greatly reduces the risk of damage to internal wiring and equipment caused by lightning strikes.

Please note that CLP is not a guarantee against lightning damage, but can greatly reduce the amount of damage caused by lightning strikes. Always completely disconnect your modem, TV and computer in the event of an oncoming lightning storm and when away from home for extended periods.

How can you Protect against Lighting Damage?

Lightning strikes are a fact, especially during storm season. Lightning strikes cause significant damage to the NBN and Telstra network each year. In addition, strikes damage countless user’s modems, sockets and internal wiring. Always disconnect equipment when storms are pending (or when going away).
CLP can greatly reduce the amount of damage caused by lighting, especially to internal wiring and sockets.

Before NBN came to town, Telstra used to install Customer Lightning Protection (CLP) at the service box. In these days, this practice only occurs in non-NBN areas.

Why would I need to install CLP?

Unless your internet is delivered over ADSL, you may not have CLP installed, especially if you recently switched to the NBN.
During an NBN installation, the technician removes the CLP from the service box, to omit any faults present on the line.
However, as NBNs current policy is to not replace the CLP device, customers’ internals may become exposed to lightning strikes up to 5 kilometres away.

CLP installation greatly reduces the risk and level of damage caused by lightning strikes.

CLP installation by CCIR


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